If you’ve turned on a computer in the last month or so, you know “Gangnam style”. But where or what is Gangnam? The Gangham District of Seoul, is Korea’s wealthiest neighborhood and home to the countries elite- politicians, actors, models and the heardquarters of banking and financial institutes. It’s where the beautiful and rich live, shop and play- it’s the Beverly Hills of South Korea.

Looking through the pictures of the well-heeled but completely conservative streets  of Gangnam makes you realize that the YouTube sensation and international hit by Psy must be even more hilarious to Koreans – knowing that the suburb is far from full of leaping dancers in metalic mini dresses and energetic weird guys in  colorful suits. Of course, Koreans can be as vivacious and as whacky as their neighbors in Japan and China (and the real nut cases in North Korea) but apparently not in Gangnam.

Gangnam locals

Real Gangnam style is subdued colors, brand labels and tailored cuts. It’s business professional people in suits, affluent soccer  mums in organic fabrics  and rich kids in European designer brands.

Gangnam street

Gangnam is a business hub of financial workers in their business attire. It’s huge generic shopping malls packed with Western designer brands as opposed the plethora of colorful and affordable Korean labels worn by the majority of the countries you hipsters.

Shopping in Gangnam

The essential accessory is the latest Sumsang Galaxy S3(a local company) or iPhone. Seoul Korea proudly has the world’s fastest internet available free in the streets. To be really cool in Gangnam you should walk around with your head titled down transfixed by your phone screen- you’ve got so many friends online that you don’t need to communicate in the real world, talking is so common, so yesterday….

Waiting for coffee in Gangnam

Gangnam is where you’ll meet your friends for an expensive coffee away from the hustle and bustle of mainstream Seoul. Though when they actually arrive you are probably to0 cool to talk to look up from you  Samsung Galaxy S3 (she’s probably not listening to Psy).