Can you believe it? Summer is passing so quickly. Whether you’re celebrating your summer vacation with your friends or watching it pass through the window while you work, it’s a hard pill to swallow. Where did all the time go? Why haven’t we invented some sort of technology to bottle up the wonderfulness of summer, so we could keep it with us the whole year ‘round? Unfortunately, we haven’t (unless you count memories, but now’s not the time to get sentimental). However, we do have the next best thing: clothes! Summery, breezy, and colorful, we’re turning to Peach Love Cream California, a brand that is a mouthful of cavities and a closetful of beauty. At this moment, there is a totally killer sale going on at HauteLook for Peach Love Cream California (going on until Tuesday the 29th), but if you miss the sale – bummer! – check out their website for information on future sales. Now, let’s start looking at our favorite looks they’ve got on sale right now:


We absolutely love their colorful, happy take on stripes and zigzags! The stripes make us feel like we’re sipping a tropical drink on the beach, but the zigzags…oh, the zigzags have us totally smitten. Not only do they come in just about a million different combinations (it’s safe to say we want them all), they also can be dressed up, dressed down, and worn to anything.


While they call these patterns “Aztec” and “tribal,” we call them “kaleidoscopic” and “totally dreamy.” Colorful and deserving of second glance (or third, or fourth…you get the picture), these patterns are as ornate as they are closet worthy.


If stripes and busy prints aren’t your thing, they also have a wide array of animal printed clothing. No, not like leopard print or snake skin, we’re talking actual animal prints. Owls, bats, and cats all have us ooing and awing.