5ive jungle

About 5ive Jungle

5ive Jungle was founded under the premise that hip hop started in New York City and that is where the fashion can be inspired from - in dedication to the five most famous boroughs in the world, Bronx, Brookyln, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island - 5ive Jungle is synonymous with the New York City lifestyle.

Captivating urban clothing enthusiasts since 2005, 5ive Jungle has brought their original vision to a reality by capturing their audiences imagination with artistic designs and fundamentally keeping the same principles that have kept this style of Streetwear popular for the past two decades.

5ive Jungle is one of the most accessible Streetwear brands because of their reasonable costs, smart symbolism, and how great their clothing is for recreational purposes.

Lucky for us who don't belong to one of them notorious boroughs of New York. The brand has established itself throughout the United States and beyond because of their trademark creativity that will keep them going strong for years to come.