About Coogi

Coogi is an outstanding company, in the lexicon of hip hop, it is difficult to think of a fashion label that has established itself so deep into a culture, to affect the style of a community.

Founded in 1969, in Melbourne, Australia, then inevitably sold because Jacky Taranto, the founder, was consumed with debt, despite the fact that Coogi was a profit generating operation. He decided to sell the company in 2001, to a group of US investors, for a whopping $25 million dollars.

Coogi's sole intent when they entered the market was to change the way that we view fashion, and they have clearly succeeded. Becoming increasingly popular by the year with their trademark colorful designs, textiles, and leather outfits.

Coogi is endorsed by hip hop legends such as Jay Z and was Biggie's favorite clothing style. Primarily targeting the youth with complicated and simple fashion statements, Coogi is very consistent, always unraveling a new product for the changing season.

Over the last couple decades, Coogi has went global, vowing to not sacrifice the standards that have kept them as a leading hip hop clothing line.

Individualistic, creative, and distinctive, one can easily stand out in the crowd with Coogi's signature styles.