About Rocawear

The Rocawear clothing company was founded in 1999 by Damon Dash and Jay Z. An extension of the larger Rocafella record label that was started a few years earlier. The brand is a reflection of both creators artistic predispositions and personal fashion. Creative differences separated the once illustrious duo with Dame moving onto new ventures and inevitably selling his stake in the company. In March of 2007, Jay Z sold Rocawear clothing to "The Iconic Brand Group" for an incredible two hundred million dollars. He has continued with a hands on role in the company including marketing campaigns, licensing, and product development. Rocawear produces exceptional quality denim jeans, flavorful designed shirts and tops as well as accessories including hats, polos, belts, lounge wear, shades, pruses, and boxers for the urban and hip-hop culture while maintaining a focus on innovating the fashion industry primarily with their trendy clothing. In recent years, they have expanded to include a women's line as well as a children's one. They have continued to provide clever innovation in fabrication, application and design to their customers. In march of 2009, Rocawear launched their own social networking site, that gives fashion advice, tips, music, and special offers for fashion.