About Southpole

Southpole changed the urban clothing industry forever 20 years ago, with their signature baggy pants. In 1991 – on the verge of a hip hop fashion revolution – David and Kenny Khym, brothers who started their first retail shop in Brookyln, New York, they worked hard on selling their baggy jeans idea to the public.After struggling to find their niche audience, the Khym's decided to sell wholesale, and in 1991, they started importing wholesale clothing from Pakistan.

In a matter of time, they had found their calling, and haven't looked back since. Baggy pants were an extremely controversial item, with excessive negative media attention, the style became even more popular, which helped the sales and would guarantee Southpoles success for years to come.

Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, while accurately depicting the present generation of hip hop for almost two decades. Southpole clothing is composed of the newly designed t-shirts, button downs, hoodies, jeans, and shorts for men and women.

Southpole pants range in price from $20 to $120 dollars, with their critically acclaimed denim, and stylish designs. The same goes for their hoodies, with the very popular logo that is imprinted on each design with the lurex pattern. One of the stellar products that seem to demand the most attention, are their very stylish plaid shorts that come in many different lengths and sizes.